"ChatGPT will kill Google. Google missed the Al wave.
RIP Google."

"ChatGPT will kill Google. Google missed the Al wave. RIP Google."

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This point of view is wrong. Here's why & 1 ChatGPT won't be able to kill Google Search because:

  1. it isn't connected to the internet. ChatGPT doesn't know that Argentina won FIFA or Russia attacked Ukraine.

  2. it often gives wrong answers

  3. the main reason: it is very expensive to search on ChatGPT compared to a search engine because running an Al is very expensive Google is not an idiot.

    Google hasn't missed the Al wave. They have several Al models like LaMDA, BERT and BUM, which are equal to or better than ChatGPT.

    So why hasn't Google released these Al to the public? Because Al(both ChatGPT and Google's Al) is wrong a lot of times.

    ChatGPT is new to the market, so they can afford to be wrong. But Google has a reputation.

    They can't launch a product which gives wrong answers. The media will kill them. That's why Google is working on improving its Al instead of launching it quickly.

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